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Instagram: @everydaylizmc

Since January 2020 I've committed to making a quick sketch every day and sharing it on my Instagram page.

The project began while I was travelling in Vietnam with my family, and making drawings in my travel journal (something I've done for years). My kids began to post what I drew onto social media, and that sparked the idea to challenge myself to create and post a sketch each and every day for a whole year. 

As the months passed the COVID pandemic impacted our lives and meant that an increased amount of time was spent working from home. I began to document simple aspects of my home, spaces and objects, and to catch my family's everyday activities during isolation and remote learning. I developed some guidelines for myself: all drawings had to be drawn directly from life, not from photos, and each had to be completed in less than 45 minutes. This collection of drawings in small sketchbooks will become our diary of that time together.

In 2020 a selection of these sketches, and one complete sketchbook, were acquired by Melbourne Museum and have become part of their collection.

You can find them by searching Liz McGrath at

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